Hi, thanks for visiting. I’ve been an advertising copywriter and creative director for almost 25 years. Recent work includes campaigns for Starbucks, PayPal, Microsoft, Panasonic, Honda, One Mind, Lakeside Milam Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centers, Seattle Opera and Puget Sound Energy. Over the past 18 months I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with talented creative folk on everything from Pandora TV to billboards; banner ads to radio; long-format video to animated multiplex theater ads. I helped name a new Air Canada regional airline, worked on a coffee table book about Windows Phone 8, penned a fundraising letter for actor Tom Hanks, and directed actor Tom Skerritt in studio. That was a blast. I love this job because it’s always changing. Always challenging. And because creatives like myself have an ever growing list of storytelling tools at our disposal. I say “storytelling tools” because storytelling is, in the end, what this all comes down to. Great companies have great stories to share. It’s my privilege to help tell those stories in the most compelling, relevant and engaging way possible.



Ken Bennett